Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office
Spacee Lite 3m - Office

Spacee Lite 3m - Office


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  • Price Does not include: Delivery, Footings, Mains connections (power, water, sewer)
Width: 2240mm | Length: 2930mm | Height: 2360mm | Weight: 870kgs

Discover a new era of work and study with the Spacee Lite. Crafted for excellence, it boasts:

  • Modern Design
  • High Quality
  • Prefab Convenience
  • Effortless Setup
  • Adaptable & Removable

With heat insulation, soundproofing, and optimal dimensions (L 2930mm * W 2240mm * H 2360mm), it's your focus haven. Equipped with cabinets, a push-out window, and a top spotlight for functionality. Embrace flexible productivity – at home or anywhere.

Shipping is calculated on a per kilometre rate from our Spacee depot located on the Gold Coast QLD.


I want a Spacee. Where can I view it?

Sure, we welcome any visitors to our depot however bookings are essential. We’re located on the Gold Coast QLD.

How long will my Spacee take to arrive?

We aim to have your Spacee delivered to you within 2 weeks of payment. 


Is the Spacee insulated?

Yes, insulation batts are inside the walls of the Spacee.

The Spacee is also climate controlled by air conditioning.

What is the structural frame made out of?

The structure is fully welded aluminium.

What is the external finish?

The Spacee has a fibreglass shell as the exterior.

Is there any maintenance on the Spacee?

No, there are no painted surfaces or products which require maintenance.

How do I connect to electricity?

The installed appliances and your own appliances plugged in to the power points determines the lead in power required. 

The standard lead in plugs for Spacees are:

15amp lead (caravan style):

9 to 5, BigBox, Eat, MediumBox, Rest, Wash

32amp industrial plug:


How do I connect to water?

Our Spacees come with a standard garden hose fitting connection. So easy!

Can I connect to sewer mains?

Yes, it’s the customers responsibility to coordinate a qualified plumber to connect to sewerage or septic tank. 

Can I custom design a Spacee?

The minimum order quantity for a custom Spacee is 6 units with a lead time of approximately 16 weeks.


What payment methods do you accept?

Internet transfer (Account and BSB), Paypal and Credit Card.

What is the finance option?

We have teamed up with TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit) to provide weekly payment options. Once you have filled out the application so they know who you are and the loan amount they then can provide you with all the information and options. 


How is my Spacee delivered?

By crane truck (a truck with a crane on the back). 

Generally (depending on your delivery location) the crane can reach approximately 6m when lifting the Spacee off the truck to place it down.


Our Spacee Installers will install steel pile footings before the Spacee arrives. The Spacee is then craned off the truck on to the footings and secured to the footings (tie downs). 

Our Spacee installers are not licensed for electrical or plumbing therefore you’ll need to engage a local licensed contractor. 

What does DELIVERY ONLY mean? 

The Spacee is craned off the truck and placed on level ground. 
Delivery Only is exactly that, delivery only therefore NO installation, footings or tie downs.

This option is best for someone preparing their own footings.

What does PICK UP mean?

You arrange suitable transport to collect from our depot located on the Gold Coast QLD. 

Please contact us so we can help. 

Can my Spacee be placed on uneven ground?

Yes, Spacee Installers can supply and install steel pile footings. 
If you require installation on sloping ground please contact us. 

I think the area for my Spacee is a difficult site to access?

Spacee Installers are pretty good (in our opinion!). Please contact us with any site queries.

Can the Spacee be moved around?

Yes, the Spacee can be moved by crane or forklift.

How is delivery price calculated?

Every Spacee delivery job is unique please get in contact with us so we can provide you the most economical way to delivery your Spacee.

Installation is worked out by travel time for Spacee Installers as well as footing and tie down costs. 


Do I need any approvals to have a Spacee on my premises?

In most cases, no.

What happens if I have a problem with my Spacee?

We realise things can go wrong from time to time, please contact us to work through the problem. 

Can I return a Spacee?

Unfortunately once a Spacee is delivered we can’t accept any returns for change of mind. 

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✔ Aluminium composite panel with single coated white fluorocarbon
✔ Steel frame and chassis
✔ Forklift pockets
✔ Cabinets
✔ Side push out window
✔ Top spotlight
✔ Lockable entry door



✔ Immersive modern design
✔ Uncompromising quality
✔ Fully finished - prefabricated
✔ Plug ‘n’ Play installation
✔ Easily Transportable
✔ Heat insulation
✔ Quiet, soundproofing
✔ Built to last
✔ Ergonomic & comfortable

What Happy Customers are Saying

Great company, amazing easy to deal with team. I am looking forward to using my Spacee.

The team at Spacee understood all our requirements and the urgency behind receiving our new office. Any concerns we had were answered straight away. I would recommend Spacee to anyone.

Overall a great experience with Spacee. Spacee took care of everything for me and took the time to answer all my questions. They helped me choose the perfect Spacee, and the final product is perfect and will suit us for years to come. Great people to work with and a fantastic product for our business.

The quality of construction was terrific. After I ordered my Spacee, it was delivered quickly to the exact location on my property that I requested. The Spacee arrived exactly as expected without any nasty surprises. Overall we are thrilled with this company and would purchase from them again.