eat spacee external bedroom backyard studio
interior bedroom design of spacee pod for child's bedroom

Delivery to Nambour, this Eat SPACEE has been transformed into a child's bedroom! Featuring an open space to fit furniture with plenty of built-in storage.

We particularly love that this SPACEE is now providing a cool sense of independence to a child whilst remaining safe at home.


A happy arrival in Sydney!
This SPACEE has been placed in the garden to be used as a home office.

The MediumBox is open-plan with multiple power points, perfect for use as a backyard studio or dedicated workspace.

medium box spacee backyard officedelivery in sydney
office pod delivery of medium box spacee
portable office pod 9 to 5 spacee instalment
interior design of home office pod spacee
9 to 5 SPACEE

Images of our 9 to 5 SPACEE set up as a home office on the Gold Coast.

Waking up and stepping into an air-conditioned secluded space to get stuck into a productive work day - that's why we love the 9 to 5 SPACEE.

Backyard Studio

This MediumBox SPACEE is now a brand new home studio for a happy customer in Queensland.

The SPACEE team is there every step of the way ensuring installation is smooth and efficient.

backyard studio delivery by the spacee team
mediumbox spacee installed as a backyard studio space